Monthly Archives: February 2017

It’s a Full “Moon” Party

Get ready for a roundtable discussion on one of 2009’s hottest sci-fi films: Duncan Jones’s “Moon.” Starring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, the film confronts serious topics such as sentience, exploitation, and non-human rights with reverence and humor. Here, we attempt to do the same.

The roundtable includes Ari Brin, Christopher McIntyre, Samuel James Knight, and Nico Nauta.

Warning: this episode contains the occasional curse word and too many Sams for comfortable listening.

“The Logs” by David Brin

Ari reads a short story by David Brin. “The Logs” stars a young Russian girl who comes to terms with her life on an asteroid work camp. Brin’s style mixes moments of levity with themes of perseverance and struggle. We are faced with the question: is any possible future just a recapitulation of the past? And how can we use those lessons gleaned from the past to endure?